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2-in-1 USB Flash Drive plus Laser Pointer
Product number:CL-01

Model NO. CL-01


* 2-in-1 design : Laser pointer and USB drive .

* Carry strip to prevent cover from lose.

* Reversible USB connector for easy use.

* Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for laser pointer  power.

* Charge battery through USB port.


Laser color  : Red

Laser wavelength  : 650nm

Laser output power  : 5mW 

Lithium battery capacity  : 80 mAh

USB drive capacity : 4GB~128G

Material  : ABS 

Size  : 70(L)*25(T)mm

Color :Green,Yellow,Red,Pink,Blue

Package  : Gift Box

* Re-charge every 2 months for better uses.



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